New Little Dragon: Blinking Pigs and Fortune


Little DragonBlinking Pig

Little DragonFortune

Little Dragon is one of my favorite groups of the past few years, and I’m glad to see that they are finally getting around to releasing new material. Led by the soulful vocals of singer Yukimi Nagano, the group combines downtempo, with traditional R&B, and indie folk. Their self-titled album, which dropped in 2007, had been making waves in the neo-soul community, and their followup album, titled Berlinmaster, drops in August. Blinking Pigs and Fortune are two new singles that just started floating around the Internets last week and they are both quality, with Blinking Pigs even representing a more upbeat departure for the group. (special shout out to Bama Love Soul for the heads up)


As an added Bonus, the group will be in DC at Liv on July 19th with local opener Yoko K. This might be the hottest ticket in town, so jump on it and get yours here.