Midwest Mondays: Innate Sounds Crew & SoulStice

Innate Sounds 2009 Sampler

Download: Innate Sounds Crew Sampler (download)

With the street sense of the East Coast & the rebelliousness of the West Coast, topped off with country boy charm aka Southern Hospitality via the Dirty South, Midwest artists literally rest in the heart of hip-hop. Mainstream hip-hopper Kanye and singer R. Kelly are noted for representing the Heartland as of late. However, producer Miles Bonny & Leonard DStroy serve up a taste of emerging Midwest talent on the Innate Sounds Crew 2009 Sampler. Innate Sounds formed in 2007 & is based in Kansas City. As the mixtape begins, Bonny announces the crew’s dedication to “infiltrating the globe…to heal the wounds of crappy music that [we’re] subjected to everyday of our lives.” Humanitarians & superheroes, Bonny & his crew are not; but the 27-song mixtape lineup that includes reggae, funk, jazz, neo-soul, R&B, and, of course, hip-hop unfortunately adds them to a list of artists who aren’t quite ready to break through the corn fields of Kansas.

If you liked Mario’s “How do I breathe?”, try Reggie B’s “Heartbeat.”

If you liked The Clipse “Grindin’,” try Ces Cru’s “Jungle Gym.”

And well…three snaps for the kids! Try Miles Bonny’s “Thighs.”

The Innate Sounds Crew 2009 Sampler forgets that there’s no place like home. Acquiesing to the mainstream’s yellow brick road of formulas and hooks is where this mixtape falls short.

SoulStice - Beyond Borders album cover

SoulStice – “Chi Worldwide Remix” featuring Naledge from Kids in The Hall & GLC from G.O.O.D. Music.

Chicago MC SoulStice releases “Beyond Borders” on June 23rd. The album really is beyond borders, hosting a roster of guests from the states & abroad as seen in the “Chi Worldwide remix.” The entire project is helmed by Belgian producer SBe.

Cool like the Chi, it is.

It’s always refreshing to know that the Midwest is a healthy mix of melody & rhyme.

“…the pen to the pad is all we ever had…”