Michael Jackson RIP



Its been a terrible week in the news. The deadliest crash in Metro history, Iran, Ed, Farrah…..and now MJ.

But out out of all of these tragedies, the death of Michael was the most devastating to me personally. Like many of you who read this site, I wore out the Thriller album, waited patently until the next MJ video would come on TV, and practiced the moonwalk and the lean with my sister after school.

Even if Michael may or may have not committed societal ills, no one can deny his legacy in International pop music.

The death of my own mother over 10 years ago showed me that we cannot live eternally. When its your time to go, its your time to go.

But that fact does not mean that we cannot get emotional, especially after Michael was taken so soon.

Yes, music will live on, but no doubt we have lost a pioneer, and recorded sound will never be the same.

Michael Jackson – Gone Too Soon

Every day for the next few days, Each writer from The Couch Sessions will post a tribute and a song to the King of Pop.