Interview: Adam Tensta

photo by Stone (The Couch Sessions)

If you are a regular reader of the site, you already know that I’m a huge fan of Sweden’s Adam Tensta. The 25 year old rapper has already conquered his native country and is making a huge push for America in preprestion for and upcoming U.S. release, which has already gone platinum and won tons of awards overseas. Even though his current albun, Its a Tensta Thing (named after the  Stockholm suburb where he resides) is steeped in American hip-hop, he forgoes the bling talk to address racism faced by the immigrant community (all over some next level production)

I got to sit down with Tensta in New York a couple weeks ago, and we chopped it up about his current US plans, his studio session with Wale, and if a Swedish hip-hop artist would get taken seriously in the US. Enjoy.

Much thanks to J-Izzo for the camerawork.