Art on the Couch, Another Introduction.


Kaiser aka KFK

The word kaiser has its origins in Germany, it means emperor or king. It’s a certain spin on the name of Caesar. It’s also a type of bread and just happens to be the name of an insurance company.

Strange thing, I’m not really any of that, it’s just my name. What I actually am… is really something I haven’t completely figured out yet. I do tend to stay away from one word descriptions or simple labels though. I can be a lot of things.

Born in Bangladesh, raised in the U.S, D.C area more specifically – I’ve been doing art for most of my life. I’ve been drawing ever since I could remember. Haven’t really been doing a single kind of art throughout the years though, I move. Like I said drawing has been there always, but as of today, I’ve focused on/ continue to focus on not only what can be done with a pencil but, ink, brush, traditional paint, spray, newspaper, markers and just about any kind of material that’s lying around. I’m always working on it and making more. I also have to admit, there’s something about creating your own t-shirts that attracts me. Along and around those lines, I’ve happened to acquire an interest in writing, personal style and my particular feel for certain music too. Currently a college student in DC, stumbled on the Couch Sessions one day and I’ve been re-visiting ever since. I’ve definitely got a thing for that independent mix of hip-hop, rock, electronic and ambiguous. But, from now I’ll be adding my own vibes to the sessions for the most part with coverage of the, often overlooked but constantly growing, DC art scene. Yes, DC’s got the Smithsonian, and it’s great but you won’t really get that here. What you’re going to get is the current, the new, events and experimentation, whether it be hip-hop infused street art or quirky photography- stuff you’d otherwise have to look for but you wouldn’t know where to start. It’ll be here (but knowing the Couch Sessions, that’s a given).

Look forward and look out.