Album Preview: Fat Freddy’s Drop – Dr Boondigga And The Big BW

by Winston "Stone" Ford


Fat Freddy’s DropBig BW

Even though New Zealand’s Fat Freddy’s Drop has been a huge success worldwide their presence has been largely absent in the United States, even among the underground scene. The group, led by the soulful vocals of Joe Dukie with their combination of big band, jazz, and dub reggae to form some of the most unique sound I’ve ever heard. Their last album, Based on a True Story, which is still a fixture on my iPod, has gone 7x platinum and already made them pop stars down under, and I’m hoping their newest album Dr Boondigga And The Big BW will get these dudes noticed here.

Even though Based On… skewed more into the pop direction, Dr Boondigga seems like it’s going more experimental, with the group playing around with some more electro (on “Shiverman” and “Wild Wind”) and big band (on “Boondigga” and “The Nod”) sounds. However, their core reggae/dub sound remains.

Dr Boondigga And The Big BW has already dropped in the lower Hemisphere, but an album release date for the US has not been set at the moment.

  • Sarah Hunter

    Hi ya Couch Sessions

    Email from the Aotearoa NZ homeland – thanks for the Dr Boondigga preview – we got heaps of requests landing from California and around the US – stay tuned for official release – coming real soon (ish)



  • jbh

    NYC is dying for a Fat Freddy’s show…

  • Yvette Travillian

    I’ve never really got into this album (for some odd reason..??) I guess I slept on it because FFD is just not poppin like that here in the States: so if I don’t actually go looking for it, I’m not really aware of what they have. They really are a dope band and Joe Duki’s vocals are amazing – Nice look!!!

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