Video: Mos Def’s – Casa Bey

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Is it me, but is this song just a little off?

Mos Def – “Casa Bey” – The Ecstatic – 6.9.09

I don’t know why, but I’m not getting into Mos Def’s new joint, Casa Bey. I thought it was a freestyle at first, and I was tempted to let it pass, but once I saw that an actual video dropped, I started to scratch my head. 

Is he rapping over a beat? An instrumental? I’m confused. 

I think that Mos has lost his focus lately. I do believe that he has another great album in him, but he really needs to find the right production team to get his sound just right. What do y’all think?

The Estatic is hopefully still dropping on June 9th.

  • Korey K

    this is a natural progression but the I think we’ll hear a lot of the old Mos on that Blackstar

  • Korey K

    new Blackstar*

  • novel idea

    that track is hot….you don’t like it?.. i think cuz I’m all over jazz as a base for anything… give it a minute…. nah man this is hotness….

    novel idea~

    the video is streamline

  • JConda

    I’d have to hear this in context with the album to truly pass judgment. I definitely isn’t a ‘single’. Kind of a raw unpolished quality to it too, like the mix isn’t finished. Mos gets away with that unfocused, do whatever I feel on the mic stuff because of his flow…but, he does need to remind the world what he’s capable of.

  • Superbizzee

    I think it’s time we redefine the concept of a single. I agree with Korey K on the premise that this is a natural progression for an artist like Mos. Some folks may already know this if they’ve been following his career on and off the books for the past 8 years. The track is dope. Can’t wait for The Ecstatic and the new BlackStar joints.

  • Stone

    My thing is….as a one off or freestyle its a dope idea, but as a true “single,” its a bad way to start off an album. Even though I haven’t liked any of the songs that have leaked off this album, they had a LOT more cohesion than this one.

    I’m more excited about the new BlackStar than the Ecstatic IMO

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