Video: Cold War Kids – I’ve Seen Enough (Interactive)


Cold War KidsI’ve Seen Enough (Interactive)

I haven’t really been on my rock music steez in a hot second (which is a shame), but I’m diggig this interactive video for Cold War Kids’ new single I’ve Seen Enough. With more and more people choosing the Internet over television for their video viewing pleasure, its not a surprised that artists are making videos which are tailored to the medium. 

This video from the band Cold War Kids allows you to switch band members instruements to make a custom mix The only problem? You can’t send or embed said mixes on other websites. FAIL. (I made this killer dub remix that I can’t share with the world).

You know what the next look should be? Interactive videos based on those Choose Your Own Adventure books from back in the day. Video Directors get on  it! Where are you Vasheezy?? (via I Heard it On)