To Percolate or not to percolate?


That is the question answered by BBU (Bin Laden Blowing Up or Black, Brown, and Ugly) in “Chi Don’t Dance.”  Illekt, Epic, and Jasson Perez describe themselves as “..a product of the 80s: survivors of the inequitable public policies of the reactionary Reagan era.” (Hell, me too.) Pretty dope, right? I’m totally digging the lyrical creativity and depth that BBU lays down and this officially makes it one of my summer cuts. Though streaming out the Midwest’s Chicago, the track bears somewhat of a down south influence– remember Goodie Mobb’s  “They Don’t Dance No Mo’s” chorus?  But BBU is quick to let us know that The Chi and it’s history of “jukin”  is the subject matter here.  With this track, BBU dawns a simmering intellectual swag in addition to creating a beat that even mainstream listeners will devour. Together, the song emanates a seriousness that lets us all know “Chi don’t dance no more, all we do is juke…” is extremely crucial information. But in reading BBU’s myspace page bio, it’s quite evident that their sense of humor is alive and well, “Warning: Side effects of BBU listening may result in juking, fast-paced moving of the feet, and profuse sweating. Please contact a physician if side effects persist for more than 24hrs.” In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if “Chi Don’t Dance” is a cleverly crafted euphemism for a political strategy or The Revolution of music. Word from BBU member Perez is an EP is on the way…clear some space in your music encylclopedias (iPods, cd collections, hard drives), b/c these dudes’ lyrics speak volumes.

BBU-Chi Don’t Dance