THURSDAY: Elevator Fight with Zoe Kravitz


So I was only recently schooled to the fact that model and famous daughter Zoe Kravitz (yes, that Kravitz)  is fronting a rock band. And yes, the Philly based group (which includes former Neaveu Riche bassist Khari Mateen is dropping some of the best rock I’ve heard in a while. It’s been a hot minute since female fronted rock and roll has had its time to shine, and Elevator Fight might be that band to bring it front and center.

The band, including Ms. Kravitz is going to be playing Liv this Thursday for only $5 ($10 at the door), which is definately a small price to pay for some cutting edge music on U Street.

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Elevator Fight Profile from Two One Five Magazine

2001 11th St NW
Washington DC 20001
Tickets :: $5 in adv/ $10 at the door