The Musical Minority Podcast: Asher Roth in the age of Black Music


The Musical Minority is the new series at The Couch Sessions, which puts together several of music’s hottest opinion makers to discuss the hottest topics of the day.

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The debut of the Musical Minority finds our panel discussing the recent hot water that white rapper Asher Roth has found himself in. First, Asher dropped the term “nappy headed hoes” on his Twitter account (which was later deleted from his management and covered up with a false “my account was hacked” story) and then for his comments made to the Associated Press about “these Black rappers” and “their gold chains.”

Asher finds himself in the same position as many other white artists who make black music, but in 2009, has anything changed? Is there such thing as black and white music anymore? Should white artists need to know the rules when perusing a hip-hop career? Should the term ‘hip-hop’ even be put to bed in light of an ever deepening convergence of music and a culture of nothing? All those questions and more are discussed in this Podcast.

The Panel

Winston aka Stone (@couchsessions) – The Couch Sessions
Earl Wyatt (@spikefish)- Indigo Son
Marcus Dowling (@marcuskdowling) – True Genius Requires Insanity
Lady Glock (@ladyglock) – Lady Glock Photography
Sonya Collins (@theglasshousedc) – The Glass House DC

This is, quite possibly, the best discussion on race and music that Ive seen in a while. We introduce some new topics and dont stray into the same old cliche racial topics. We want to encourage discussion on this issue, so let us know what you think in the comments or on the Facebook group.