New Music: Usher – What’s A Guy Gotta Do? (prod by The Neptunes)

by Winston "Stone" Ford


Usher - What’s A Guy Gotta Do? (prod by The Neptunes)

I don’t think I’ve ever posed any Usher on this blog. Don’t get it twisted, I’ve been an Usher fan for a while, back when the dude was the focus of mixtapes I used to make for my girlfriend back in high school (on actual casettes no less). I came across this Usher track from The Smoking Section, and this might be my new track for the summer. I sense a lot of classic era Neptunes production (we can call agree that they have fallen off lately), and the light breezy feel of the track is a new direction for Mr. Raymond.

I take it this track will be off of Usher’s album Monster which is in production and slated to drop sometime this year. (via TSS)

  • Sonya

    I hate when they do beats like this! (Grumpy Smurf voice) Mad basic for them to the point that it’s just basic.

  • suril

    whoa whoaaaa, this track is hot – it’s perfect summer chill music – i think that is what they were going for. I’m glad the neptunes did this beat b/c it shows that they are still versatile and not just a production crew that does nuts beats like “wind it up”.

  • Stone

    Yeah, even though I think the Neptunes fell off a while back, and the beat is sorta generic (not Timbaland generic however, that’s a whole other story) but it all works well to me, even if it sounds more John Legend than Usher.

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