NEW MUSIC: Colin Munroe feat. Jim Jones – Piano Lessons (REMIX)

Colin Munroe feat. Jim JonesPiano Lessons (REMIX)

The stellar Black Milk production and most mainstream radio accessible track yet released from the crooning Torontonian known as the “Unsung Hero,” “Piano Lessons,” an artfully crafted tale of Munroe’s musically stressful upbringing, stalled two months ago after not gaining MTV2 video access. Now, it gets a fresh can of paint in the form of Dipset member Jim Jones’ marijuana addled and muffled lyrics. The original version, featuring hood banger Joell Ortiz is phenomenal, but replacing him with the far more mainstream credible ex Cam’ron compatriot is a solid concept. Jones, who is now an urban A & R head at E1 (formerly)KOCH Records, seems to use this position to hop on the hottest internet underground tracks, historically giving MGMT’s Electric Feel, Asher Roth’s “I Love College,” Kid Cudi’s “Day n Nite,” and now this track love.

While sales for his Pray IV Reign album (featuring the ubiquitous Ron Browz produced “Pop Champagne”) have not been outstanding, it is a stroke of genius for the emcee to stay relevant by perpetually assaulting the internet (the new ‘streets’) with material, including this take on Munroe’s track, a hopeful attempt to cross onto urban and pop terrestrial radio.