New Music: Christian Rich

Christian Rich – Famous Girl from CHRISTIAN RICH on Vimeo.

Props to Sonya at The Glass House DC for this one.

Rarely have I’ve ever come across a video as enthralling as the one for Christian Rich’s Famous Girl. In an era where videos feature the same tired cliches of girls and bling (word to Rick Ross), the New York duo managed to create more than just a video…they created art.

The video for Famous Girl has more cinematical swagger than most Hollywood movies. The duo, who admitted that they were tired of people “slacking on creativity” has set a bar for music videos that I doubt would be met in the near future. The setting, which is inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s last film, Eyes Wide Shut, follows a “famous girl” as she enters a mansion of masked individuals. Once she realizes her fantasy isn’t what it seems, she’s then hunted down, killed, and eaten by her captors. Could this be a metaphor for the flakiness of those in the industry who propel girls to stardom at an early age just to bring them down later? No doubt.

The artfully gruesome footage ensures that this video might never make it to a television near you, but who cares? This video is WAY better than anything you’re going to see on MTV.

Video directors, step your game up.