Footwear: Reebok Classics x B.O.B.

by Winston "Stone" Ford


I’m loving what Reebok is doing with their new classics lines, flipping them with todays’ Blog-Hop artists. First it was Kid Sister’s “Ill House You,” and now its B.O.B. (aka Bobby Ray) dropping a signature shoe as well as remake of a classic hip-hop track, which drops on May 21st. I don’t wear Reeboks (Nike FTW!), but I might have to pick up the B.O.Bs in blue. I’m sure they will run a lot cheaper than those Air Yeezy’s.

  • Sonya

    There is no way on God’s green earth I will ever wear a pair of Reebok Classics again post 1994. They could make a pair that woulld match everything in my closet and I still couldn’t do it. Who the frig still wears these joints?

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