A couple of weeks ago, The Couch Sessions put out a call for new writers to add to the line-up, already consisting of Stone, Rome, and extended fam.

So meet the latest additions to The Couch Sessions fam:


Raised physically in Chicago, grew up mentally in Brooklyn, on an ever-evolving quest for balance in ATL.

Husband of one beautiful wife. Lover of music with an affinity for Vangelis soundtracks, dusty boom-bip and anything produced by Nigel Godrich. Associated with the one-man side project, The Bobby Quine Experiment with a focus on joining my music with media.

Glad 2 rock with ya’ll. Peace.

K.Scribe (aka kdot):

Pleased to be a part of the Couch Session mainframe–I’m a writer first, music lover (a close) second. From GA originally, but I’ve lived in DC for the past 5yrs. Soon, I’ll be moonlighting as a med student in b/w writing, interviewing, etc. I’ve been blogging since 2005, but recently started a new blog, The Prose of a Rhythm Scribe
an account of how music/sound enter one’s life and stays or leaves. Additionally, I pen music reviews for The Glass House. I’m looking forward to adding to the already lively discussions here and starting a few fires of my own. For music interests, check out my podcast, The StereoType Demos. Tastes aside, I love music that makes me think,
feel, converse, “percolate,”–FEEL ALIVE. If music were a book, it’d be all inked up, b/c that’s how I listen to it, with a loving but critical ear. Stay tuned for music, reviews, interviews, and soliloquies. I do this more than anything b/c I love exchanging ideas, so I can’t wait to hear feedback from all of you on my view from “The Couch.”

email: kdotscribe@gmail.com

Marcus Dowling

Okay. So how does a nerdy Washington, DC native, reader of nearly 5000 books with a BA in the BS of Political Science from Providence College, where I was the editor of the commentary section of my college newspaper, who is also a noted independent professional wrestling manager and fan of most anything related to the 1960s and 1970s end up here? Keep reading.

Providing sonic intellectualism from an extremely inquisitive mind isn’t just a witty catchphrase. I use sociology, crowd theory, pop psychology, and an encyclopedic knowledge of popular culture and music to create frank, arresting, pithy and/or entertaining reflections on recorded sound. For the last nine months, I’ve been slaving away at a socio-cultural/music experiment True Genius Requires Insanity (tgrionline.com), which focuses on recollections and tales of electro sex kittens and dynamic disco fiends, as well as power pop histories, histrionic hip hop discussion and so much more. For the better part of my 31 years on Earth, I’ve been obsessed with omniscience, so, if it makes a sound of any sort, trendng, but not limited to the house, club, urban and punk sounds, I’ve heard it, may have spun it (was a very average college radio and house party/bar DJ for the better part of ten years) and have an opinion. I spend more time in nightclubs and concert venues than I do in my own bed as well these days, so I have a strong feel for what the streets are hearing, and who’s on the rise.

Here at The Couch Sessions, I will use my well honed and very collegiate writing skills, along with ample touches of the aforementioned to produce the most amazing feelings and emotions from you, the reader.

Mic aka envy of the world

“Here’s a little story that must be told…”- Ultramagnetic MCs, “Bust
the Facts”

Kansas City circa 1985. Dallas circa the millennium. Bright-skinned kid born with a pen in his palm & a flare for the fantastic. James Baldwin’s love child. Academic pool boy. Nerd with tricks. I’m the song your humming on the subway, the 808 of your day. I’m your favorite playlist. So fly I don’t need wings. Call me chicken, ’cause
I don’t do beef. iWrite. uRead. get with.