SXSW Review: Solange at Buffalo Billards, Austin

Solange at SXSW


Beyonce Knowles is a superstar. She plays sold out arenas all over the world. Her husband is mega millionaire Jay-Z. She gets hounded paparazzi wherever she turns and she is quite possibly the most recognizable Black woman this side of Michelle Obama and Oprah.

And her sister Solange? She’s playing a Buffalo Billiards off of the rowdy 6th street corridor in Austin. 

But dont’ front. She wouldn’t have it any other way.

I have no doubt that Solange wants to be a punk rocker. She arrived on stage in a banana/polka dot getup, while her band (who looked liked they were pulled from the latest Abercrombie catalog) is dressed in banana print suits–not your average R&B show in the least.

Solange – I Decided

Music wise, the songstress tore through  the key songs of her latest album, Sol-Angel and the Hadley Street Dreams like “T.O.N.Y.,” “I Decided,” and the original version of “Cosmic Journey.” Peppered with homages to Motown throughout, the set was high energy from start to finish. The set ended with Solange singing “Sandcastle Disco,” and dancing through the audience.

Solange at SXSW

The concert wasn’t without its flaws though. The combination of Solange getting stuck in traffic coming from the Perez Hilton party, and the lack of soundcheck pushed the show back and hour, while Solange sat furiously twittering backstage that the delays were not her fault.

All in all, Solange is the perfect combination of classic R&B with a punk rock attitude. Whatever diva-like aspirations that she had were left at the door. Just like Little Boots and Janelle Monae, Solange is setting the bar for female performances in 2009.

Solange at SXSW

Solange at SXSW