Review: UGK – UGK 4 Life


UGK 4 Life

Even though there have been more prolific duos in rap, UGK–the combinaiton of Bun B and the late Pimp C, have not only amassed a string of hits that have put Texas on the map, but did so with a unique produciton style that mixes Texas swagger with the laid back grooves of R&B.

The final studio album from UGK dosen’t deviate from the script that the duo wrote when it debuted in the early 90s. There are tales of explicit sex talk “Harry Asshole,” and “She Luv It,”  and pimpin’ like all UGK albums, but for the final disc, Texas brought out the heavy hitters. The lineup of supporting artists is impressive–DC Crooner Raheem DeVaughn helps out with the great, “Still on the Grind,” Sleepy Brown gets ressurected for backup on “Swishas & Erb,” and the West Coast makes an appearance on Steal Your Mind.” Even Akon makes an appearence on, “Hard As Hell,” which feels completely out of place on the disc, with Akon’s signature Konvict Muisc produciton clashing with the smoky Southern grooves on the disc.

The standout track of the album is the “Da Game Been Good To Me,” follwed by an extended 3 minute outro, with Bun detailing UGK’s prolific years in the game.

Even though UGK 4 Life lacks that standout hit like “International Player’s Anthem,” it is a fitting close to the Texas group who has been on the grind for almost 2 decades.