On Asher Roth, Racism, and Nappy Headed Ho’s


On Asher Roth, Racism, and Nappy Headed Ho’s

So first things first?

Is Asher Roth a Racist? No

Does Asher Roth have the hottest hip-hop CD I’ve heard this year? Yes

Should Asher Roth stop using Twitter while he’s high? Yes

If you didn’t know, Asher Roth posted the above message on his Twitter account last week after a show at Rutgers University. The tweet was then removed and Asher’s people came up with a lame ass excuse that his account got “hacked,” and finally the dude fessed up, begrudgingly. A couple people asked me what I thought about the whole situation, and what “hip-hop’s” response should be. The whole thing caught me off guard.

I’ll be honest, I’ve lost some respect for Mr. Roth. I was never completely sold on the dude, but he won me over with his live performance at SXSW and his album. At this point in time, I’m not going to go and steamroll a pile pf the dude’s CD or anything (word to Calvin O. Butts), but until he comes out and mans up to his actions, I don’t know if I can cosign him.

But on the flip side, “hip-hop’s” reaction to this dude is complete bs. For the most part, there have been a small but influential faction of hip-hop fans that feel like Asher (and a majority of the new school hip-hoppers) lack the authenticity to be true “hip-hop” artists. Right now, there are a lot of I told you so’s and pats on the back by the hip-hop illuminati when they first heard of the incident. But where were these people when Eminiem said even worse things about Black women? Were is “real hip-hop,” when every Black rapper puts out a track demeaning Black women?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

I’m not saying that Asher isn’t benefiting from his white privilege, and is sliding down a slippery slope that lots of white artists have already taken in regards to race, but I can’t get on the faux outrage train either.