New Music: Jose James – Save Your Love For Me


Jose JamesSave Your Love For Me

Jazzanova feat. Jose James – Little Bird

I apologize to everyone. I haven’t written about Jose James on The Couch Sessions at all.

That my friends, is sad. Why? Because Jose James is a dude that you all need to get familiar with. The New York based artist has only been on the scene for a couple years, but his gravely voice sounds like he’s been in the game for more years than his age suggests. At first I thought James was at least in his 40s, but I was shocked to find out that he’s only in his mid 20s. The first time I heard about Jose, it was from the track “Park Bench People,” which reminds me of an updated Curtis Mayfield. James’ age means that he his a kid who grew up in the hip-hop era, but is still partial to Jazz, an art form that we should not let die on the vine. Hopefully artists like James and newcomers like Esmeralda Spalding will open up the genre to a new, younger audience.

The Nancy Wilson cover “Save your love for me” is the first single off of Jose James’ new album, dropping on on Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood Records real soon.