Music: Asher Roth feat Slick Rick – You


Asher Roth – You (feat Slick Rick)

I’m not the craziest of Asher Roth fans but I’ve been feelin’ what this dude has been putting out. Even if you find “I Love College,”  and Asher’s 4/20 marketing tactics annoying, you can’t really mess with tracks like “Lark on my Go-Kart,” or “Cannon.” The sheer amount of hate for this dude because if his pigment is downright annoying. But it’s all good, Asher’s album is #1 on iTunes and is poised to do big numbers next week, which is a good look for the new class of MCs taking hold. This track, titled “You” features Slick Rick and is bonus cut off of the UK version of the album Asleep In The Bread Asile.