Mixtape: Cakes and Kisses – April 09 Mixtape


Cakes and Kisses – April ’09 Mixtape

Most of y’all know that the Cakes and Kisses parties during the first week of April is the look. The party, thrown at Asylum, seamlessly throws together open mic hip-hop with cake. And you didn’t think those could go together did you?

Their mixtape that just dropped is one of the finest examples of local hip-hop that Ive heard in a while. Higlighted by Ra The MC’s “Nicky Boy,” (produced by Judah whom I met down at SXSW), which has become one of my favorite tracks this week and is hand made for radio airplay. The other tracks on this set are equally as viable, making this month’s party a good look for DC. Check out the Cakes and Kisses party TOMORROW at Asylum.


  1. Rosetta Stoned – “Witchcraft (Cubbiebear Remix)”
  2. AB the Producer – “Go Hard” ft. XO, Lyriciss, & Pro’ Verb
  3. RAtheMC – “Nicky Boy” (Produced by Judah)
  4. The Five One – “R3valulion”
  5. G5 Clive – “Neva Can Say Goodbye” ft. TeeThree (Produced by Banquo Bangs)