Video: Solange Cover Zero 7’s Destiny

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Even though I know she has a man, Solange is still wifey material for me. Not only is she fine, but her musical tastes almost correspond directly with mine. “Destiny,” from Zero 7 is one of my favorite songs of all time and even though Solange can’t match the eleoquence of the original singer, Sia, this is a solid cover. I know she’s mentioned this song several times in interviews, but its nice to actually hear it live.

She also performed her song Cosmic Journey for AOL Black Voices as well:

Original video for Zero 7’s Destiny:

  • Sonya

    When I played the original one I instantly recognized the track, I agree that Zero 7’s is a hell of a lot better but Solange still did a good job though.

  • dasphunk

    she did it justice… but for me, her voice just doesn’t have that ethereal quality comme sia or feist… not bad tho. hellovalot more dynamic than her older counterpart, and very underrated as an artist.

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