SXSW Preview: Little Boots

by Winston "Stone" Ford


Little Boots – Meddle

South By Southwest is that spot to find up and coming talent, and Little Boots might have the “Next Big Thing” award from the conference on lock. The UK pop/electronica princess has yet to drop an album, but the buzz on her is so strong that most people thought she already had. Boot’s music is a take on  upbeat pop is are made for the upscale club dancefloor, but her weekly YouTube videos make her almost accessible and endearing to her fans. She’s not your normal pop star–she’s a classically trained musician and club DJ. Her tracks “Stuck on Repeat,” and “Meddle” have become guilty pleasures of mine.

What really won me over is her acoustic piano cover of Kid Cudi’s “Day N Nite,” which if you don’t know is a hot track in the UK right now.  I predict Boots to blow up majorly in 2009. Remember that.

Little Boots is playing several SXSW parties including the Fader Fort and The Perez Hilon party.

Little Boots – Day N’ Nite (Kid Cudi Cover)

  • Cocoa J

    I’m sorry… but does the UK have any dope artists of color? That’s what I would really like to hear about. All ppl talk about is this chick, the Adele’s, the annoying voiced Duffy’s, etc.
    Are my girl’s Estelle and M.I.A. the only ones?

  • Stone

    Yes, the UK has MANY dope artists of color, many of whom we’ve covered on this site: Taiwah, Vula, Estelle, Wiley, VV Brown, Kano, Laura Izibor and more. Too many to name. Check all of our UK artists in the UK Sounds section:

  • Marcus KING KONG Dowling

    Little Boots is going to be the queen of the BLAWGGGUHS after SXSW. MTV will crest that wave by featuring her on The City and The Real World. I say if she can wait until 2010, she’ll be set. She needs an iPOD commercial friendly track though.

  • Sonya

    I actually like this “Boots” song and I was 100% sure that I wouldn’t before I listened to it

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