SXSW: Little Boots at the Levis/Fader Fort

Little Boots at The Fader Fort SXSW

Even though Kanye might have rolled through Texas and stole everyone’s thunder, Little Boots was probably the most buzzed about artist in Austin last week. The petite UK singer, already a star in her native land, has a lot to prove to make it in America, with a Fader cover and a slot on the coveted Perez Hilton bill set before she touched down in Austin. So is she worth the hype?

In short, yes.

Boots rolled out in a slinky purple dress with ruffled feathers and went through her most recent catalog (“Stuck on Repeat,” “Meddle,” for starters), to a more than appreciative audience. The 21 year old makes energetic, danceable, electronic-based pop. But unlike some pop artists that need a fancy stage show to make up for a lack of stage presence (cough Brittney, cough), she held her own in front of a minimalist setup, excitedly playing with the Tenori-on (a Japanese musical instrument) and fiddling with the knobs on her synthesizer like an excited kid at a recital.

Boot’s set marked a notable theme in SXSW performances: Women. The ladies are going to be a force to be reckoned with this year. The top three performances last week were female: Boots, Janelle Monae, and Solange. And like her female compatriots, Little Boots is steadily on her way to pop stardom. Remember her name.

Little Boots – Stuck on Repeat (Live at the Levis/Fader Fort)