SXSW: G.O.O.D. MUSIC at the Fader Fort

Photo credit: Dorothy Hong/The FADER

Most of y’all are gonna be mad at me, but yeah, I rolled out of the illustrious Fader Fort on Saturday night, during the middle of the Kanye/G.O.O.D. set. I had two valid reasons: 1.) I had to roll over to Friends to check out my homegirl Senari’s Baltimore Love Thing Party and 2.) I knew Kanye, Ms Badu, and Common would all be at the Red Bull Moon Tower later that night. Well, I guess the Texas po-po caught wind of some negroes performing at Red Bull and shut the spot down, so I never got to see the full G.O.O.D/Badu experience, but thanks to the Internet we have the full this photo and video from Saturday night. Enjoy.

And yes, Kanye is a struggling rapper from Illinois, who had to come all the way down to Texas to look for a record deal 🙂