SXSW 2009: U-N-I


U-N-I Hollywood Hiatus

There is no doubting that the West Coast is going through what can only be called a rap revolution lately. The West Coast gangsta rap that we know of is pretty much dead–with Snoop Dog focusing on family life, and Suge Knight getting knocked out by everybody except your mom–and is being replaced by a new class of laid back 80s-influenced indivivudals. Think the Knux, Pacific Division, and Blu amoung others.

But for all the hype surrounding the new class, the rappers that I hear about the lest are U-N-I. The duo of “Thurzday” (Yannick Koffi) and “Y-O” (Yonas Semere Michael) haven’t gotten as much chatter as their new class counterparts and that is a shame. The Compton duo combine the harsh realities of living in the ‘hood, with 8-bit Nintendo samples and throwback imagery. 

Despite dropping a mixtape with Mick Boogie, U-N-I still has a ways to go. No poppin’ champagene here–the duo both have day jobs. Hopefully that will change after SXSW.

UNI will be performing four showcases at SXSW, including the OkayPlayer Showcase on March 21st.