Mixtape: Brandun DeShay – One! For The Money


Brandun DeShayOne! For The Money Mixtape (Zip File)  

Brandun DeShayTag You’re It! feat. Chill and Tommy Parker

I had an interesting conversation with a relative about what I do. They were puzzled by the fact that I only post about people who have no record deals, and quite possibly no mainstream appeal. They thought it was a waste of my time posting about artists who aren’t signed by Bad Boy or groomed by Jay-Z. Why write about artists that make me no money? Who gives a f*ck about the bedroom producer or that UK dude trying to break The States? They aren’t gonna be poppin’ champagne in the club.    

But whatever. I do what I do for cats like Brandun DeShay, a reader who hit me up about his new mixtape project called One! For the Money. I’m going to keep it real, 90% of emails with mixtape attachments or zShare links get deleted. But DeShay’s music stands out. I don’t know if its the next level production on tracks like “Tag You’re It” or the shared love of N.E.R.D., but One! For The Money has distanced itself from all of the dreeck that has been flooding the Internet lately. The beats are finely crafted, and carry that organic, simplified sound that made Dilla and 9th Wonder famous. DeShay’s flow is low-key, but deadly, and it’s low key enough to complement the stellar beats.

I love stumbling on amazing artists like DeShay. It’s the reason that I started this blog. What do y’all think?