J-Day: The Soil And Pimp Sessions


Soil and Pimp Sessions – SATSURIKU-Rejects

Soil and Pimp Sessions – Fantastic Planet

One day at work, one of my bosses came up to me and gave me a task of picking out music for a TV commercial for our job that was airing in the DC market, since I was “down with the music thing and all.” Anyway, long story short, we ended up picking some of the most boring adult contemporary dreck I ever heard. Seriously, this track made Kenny G sound gangsta.

And that my friend is what jazz is become. Smooth Jazz dominates the radio right now, whether its Boney James or Hidden Beach covering 50 Cent. The term Jazz really doesn’t apply anymore music wise.

But real jazz continues to thrive outside of the US, specifically in Europe and Japan. Case in point: Soil and Pimp Sessions. These dudes hark back to the days when jazz musicians were rock stars. When acts like Miles Davis were straight badasses. Not this warmed over ish they call jazz today.

The Soil and Pimp Sessions have been on their grind in every continent outside of the US for a years now, but they chose ’09 to drop their newest album Planet Pimp, which dropped on Feburary 24th. The album dosen’t go as hard as their previous ones, so their “Death Jazz” nickname loses some shine, but it still rocks harder than any so-called jazz album that will drop this year.

And don’t even ask me about the name.