VIDEO: Mavado – So Special

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Already a superstar in his native Jamaica, Mavado is heading to the States real soon with his new album Mr. Brooks…A Better Tomorrow which hits stores in March. This track will be a big tune people. Be on the lookout of this dude at a dancehall near you.

  • Sonya

    Although I’m not a huge Dancehall fan (prefer Reggae), I like this beat a lot especially whenever they play it at a club. I know down in Jamaica they call all these beats “riddims” and I’ve heard this one with a couple of other Dancehall artists over the beat. I want to see how many more remixes they will come out with for it.

  • Rome

    “Will” be a big tune? You must not be in enough spots homie. This has been KILLING for months now (and I’m talking about in DC). Just that intro gets the crowd amped….

  • Stone

    I’ve been on my hipster/electro grind. I’ve been off that hip-hop/dancehall scene for months.

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