Video: Jazmine Sullivan – Lions and Tigers and Bears

by Winston "Stone" Ford

I know that this track has hit radio already and might be old, but I just have to shout out Jazmine for this track. With all this autotuned madness that is currently infecting the radio, I’m glad to hear a straight up ballad being played these days. I’m a huge fan of the song’s production as well. Jazmine’s sleeper album, Fearless, is in stores now.

  • JConda

    I wholeheartedly concur…the dynamics, the 3/4 timing, the instrumentation and that voice…all stellar and much needed.

  • Superbizzee

    Not sure how I feel about this video yet, but dope song. I love a lot of the cuts on the album. Definitely a sleeper. Damn shame =(

    • Stone

      Yeah, the video is sorta meh……but it can’t take away from that song though!

  • Lady Glock

    My only question…is this before or after she busts the windows of the guy’s car?

    Knowing that might clarify a few things….

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