Video: Black Milk – Losing Out

by Winston "Stone" Ford

I think I’m one of the last er…”hip-hop” fans that hasn’t listened to Tronic yet. There are people who worship this album like the Bible. Is it that good? Now that my musical tastes are slowly swinging back to hip-hop, I figure that now is a good time to check it out, and with songs like “Losing Out,” I question why its taken me so long.

  • Sonya

    Yeah man, what is taking you so long? That was a solid album especially with the focus on live percussion in the production.

  • o.s.u.m

    Tronic is bangin but personally I think The Preface is a more solid album. I mean lyrically Black kills it but it’s hard to match Elzhi. Plus didn’t Black produce the whole Preface album?

  • Whitnass

    I’m with you on that one, I only jus copped this less than a week ago while out in LA, its a really solid album, bout 5 joints that kill me every time.

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