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Mr Hudson and the LibraryBread and Roses

I haven’t posted about Kanye for a while, maybe cause I got a lot a backlash for calling him the Steve Jobs of hip-hop (a statement which I still stand by), but with all said, the dude is a musical outlier (word to Malcom Gladwell), and as murphyslaw from Soul Sides eloquently put it, “understands music better than we do.”

How else could you explain Kanye’s latest signee to the G.O.O.D. Music label: Mr Hudson. The London based singer, with his multi-racial bandits The Library, dropped an amazingly good album in 2007’s A Tale of Two Cities. The CD combined UK indie rock and sliced it with reggae, calypso, and some hip-hop on the side. The result is an album that blends genres without trying too hard. The lead single “Too Late,” reminds me of music that came out of the ska invasion that took place in the UK during the 70s and 80s, with bands like The Specials and The Clash and The English Beat were adopting heavy Jamaican rhythms into their sound.

Thanks to Kanye, Mr. Hudson is coming stateside. He’s already produced two tracks for 808 and Heartbreaks–Paranoid and Streetlights–and is working on Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 album, which hopefully drops this summer. Hudson is currently in Hawaii recording tracks for his follow-up album, which should drop this year (even though G.O.O.D. has a sketchy track record with artist releases).

What do y’all think?

Mr. Hudson and The Library – Too Late Too Late