New Music: Shameless Plug


Shameless Plug and the Yes Yes Y’alls – Jaws

Shameless Plug and the Yes Yes Y’alls – Hey You

Iit’s random how I find people to profile on this site, and this occasion was no different. On Inauguration Day while I was in a haze from celebrating Obama’s accention into the office, I rolled through the Brightest Young Things party right in the middle of the karaoke section. If you know me, you know I can’t STAND karaoke. People who can’t sing shouldn’t. Nuff said. But this time around, I heard a dude who could actually hold a tune. Said dude straight killed Fiona Apple’s “Criminal,” to the point that he got a standing ovation.

His name? Shameless Plug.

With all of this focus on autotune, it’s seems rare to find someone who just sings, and New Jersey’s Shamless Plug is that dude (he raps too). Plug continues the tradition of soulful white boys taking over R&B these days–think Robin Thicke, and Justin Timberlake. But while those two have a somewhat annoying falsetto, Shameless Plug combines just the right amount of soul. And while anybody can have a great voice what really sets this artist apart is the low key, organic production, which doesn’t fall into the cliches of most typical R&B tracks.

If I were an American Idol judge (yeah dawg!) this kid would be going to Hollywood with a quickness.