New MF Doom: That’s That

by Winston "Stone" Ford


MF Doom –  That’s That

Is this really some new MF Doom. And for matter, is this actually MF Doom? Apparently, this is off of his new album Born Like This, which supposedly drops on March 24th I don’t see it in the tracklisting on Wikipedia. Even though I’m a fan, the track itself is weak and hopefully won’t make the final cut of the album. (via the amazing Herfection blog)

Does anyone know if Doom (or one of his impostors) will be at SXSW this year?

  • Julian

    While agree with 99.9% of your music critiques I have to disagree on you with this one. I think the beat on this is bounce-tastic headnod-ish. But don’t mind me. I’m just your friendly neighborhood weirdo…

  • Ben

    No way this is a new DOOM track. The beat is called “Sumac Berries” off of his instrumental discs, “Special Herbs”. Someone slapped the vocals on this one and pretended that it’s a new track. I’m excited for his new release, but this ain’t it. You been duped.

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