Music: Menahan Street Band


Menahan Street Band – Make the Road by Walking

Daptone records, the Brooklyn label that feels caught up in a time warp has been sampled by famous name producers before. Kanye famously ripped Sharon Jones voice for Rhymefest’s “Brand New” a few years ago, and in 2007 Jay-Z’s hit hit Roc Boys the sampled another band from the Daptone label, The Menahan Street Band. The collective of artists from The Dap Kings, Boudous Band, and El Michaels Affair came together to record some 45rpm singles, resulting in the 2008 album, Make the Road by Walking. The instrumental record payed homage to such big 70s soul orchestras helmed by Curtis Mayfield, Issiac Hayes, and Barry White. It is very ironic that The Hitmen (the crew responsible for Jay’s song) sampled a song from this decade to recreate the sound of the 70s. However, The Menahan Street Band are so authentic, most people would never know.

Jay-Z – Roc Boys (And The Winner Is…)