Mixtape: Cam Jus – The Blast2


Cam JusThe Blast 2 Mixtape

Cam Jus is a brilliant man. 

His first Blast Mixtapes have beecome a staple on my iPod, and the sequel, the aptly titled Blast 2, goes in even further. Cam is one of the few cats in the local DC scene that drops blends and mashups on the dancefloor (his decision to play Mick Boogies Jay + Oasis blend killed during Inauguration weekend), and his love for bringing different while still making the dancefloor move makes him stand out in the crowd. The Blast 2 mixes Arab Money with Peter Bjorn and John (that song was screaming for a remix), and even drops some DJ Sega in for good measure. And yes, this mix contains the Cam Jus Remix of Wale’s Nike Boots (+ Rockwell!!) that I had the courtesy of previewing a few weeks ago.