7 Cuts that Killed the Nouveau Riche Party (for me)

So most of y’all know that I’ve been in full on DJ mode or the past few months. For the most part, I blame my homie Marcus, but on the other hand, I needed a reprieve from what I consider boring, formulaic music and DJ’s are my new refuge. I might be losing what little “street cred” I have, but I really don’t give a damn.

To be honest, I never even checked Gavin Holland and Nacey’s Nouveau Riche parties. I figured that it would be some electro-hipster bs—not my scene at all. I was so wrong.

Nouveau Riche is a mix of everything. House, hip-hop, B-More Club, Rap, Top 40, UK 2-Step, ATL Booty, and whatever else Nacey and Gavin find in their music collection. As much as I hate on DC parties (and I hate a LOT), this party popped off in a MAJOR way. Even if people weren’t’ familiar with what was being spun, they went in like they didn’t care. I don’t even think I can put the level of banannas that this party provided me in simple words.

The highlight of the night for me was the 30 minute UK dubstep session, complete with MC’s spitting over the beats, towards the end of the night. I’ve been familiar with dubstep (it evolved years after I was living in London) but I never thought it would knock this HARD in a club setting, and especially in America. Maybe we need to set up a UK Dubstep party here in DC?

Here are the top 7 songs I heard (or remember I heard) from Saturday night:

Kid Sister – Pro Nails (Rusko UK Dubstep Remix) and Benga – 26 Basslines

Again, Dubstep is my new addiction right now. The 30 minute dubstep session was a crazy surreal experience to see in DC. Benga’s 26 Basslines was dope, but Rusko’s Pro Nails remix absolutely killed it. It was so crazy that swear I saw girls hanging from the rafters.

Outkast – Bombs Over Baghdad

One of my favorite Outkast songs of all time, and a song that I thought didn’t really get much respect until last night. The 120 bpm track pretty much sent the crowd crazy

Tabi Bonney – The Pocket

I love it when local guys get love in the club, and this Tabi cut pretty much killed. The pocket is the quintessential NE DC song, but now its definitely getting some play with the hipsters in NW. Progress?

Ghosttown DJs – Last Night

Nacey’s affection for Ghosttown DJ’s warms my heart (er, no homo?). He’s pretty much dropped this song every time I’ve heard him spin. This song always brings me back to my high school rec center parties back in the day down South, but I’m glad DC goes in for this song as well.

Wiley – Wearin’ My Rolex

This is such a classic song for me, though its sorta unfortunate that people at the spot weren’t getting into it like they should. Except for Ms. Lady Glock of course.

MJ Cole – Crazy Love

I’m about 80% sure that this was the UK Garage song that they played last Saturday. UK Garage was the soundtrack to my times in London, and it has always been close to my heart. To hear garage in The States is a surreal feeling.