Wale + UK Tings – Head Shoulders Knees N Toes

K.I.G. – Head Shoulders Knees N Toes

Wale Head Shoulders Knees N Toes

So I’ve been hearing from various people that urban UK music has been falling off hard, and that the young ones over there forego the grime and broken beat scene for Lil’ Wayne and Soulja Boy. Even if the UK is getting more and more Americanized by the day (thanks BET UK!) I’m glad they’re at least still trying to keep it strickly British.

Case in point, the newest dance craze across the pond: Head Shoulders Knees and Toes. The dance itself is an after though (our Stanky Leg is better), but the track itself–a combination of dancehall, funky house, and UK grime, is very dope and definiately worth a listen.

And of course, Wale thought the same thing, and he added his own verse to the track, proving that the dude is not afraid to rap over anything. (via DDoff, who reminds us that Wale will be in San Fran this Saturday with Blu and Exile)