VIDEO: Wale x Adam Tensta in the Studio

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Adam TenstaWhat The Kids Do (vs. M.I.A. – 92)

If you’ve been reading the site for a while, you know that I think that both Wale and Adam Tensta are the biggest two things in hip-hop right now. Tensta, the Swedish rapper, dropped one of the best hip-hop albums of the past few years in Its A Tensta Thing and Wale is set to blow in 2009 with his Interscope produced album, bringing in such diverse producers as Cool & Dre and TV On the Radio

So I shouldn’t be surprised when these two hip-hop innovators connected in a studio in LA this week during a session with Cali producers The Glitch Mob. Not much is known of what came out of it, but Wale confirmed to me via Twitter that a collaboration is definately taking place soon. 

Speaking of Tensta and Mid-Atlantic connections, check his freestyle over M.I.A.’s B-More cut as well.

Big ups to Sir David Husselhoff and the Swedish crew at My Best Friend Is My Grind.

  • Sonya

    I like the direction Wale is going with his producers. My concern is will the general hip hop audience of DC really take to him when he blows up. You’re not hearing tracks like this one and WALEDANCE on the stations here. It would be nice if they did though. The open-minded hip hop fans native to DC unfortunately are a minority. As a native though, he’s still got my support regardless. Then again, I’m one of those few open-minded fans native to DC.

  • Stone

    I think Wale will be OK. He just sold out two shows in LA and San Fran and he’s got some of the best production talent I can think of behind the boards. Even if DC wasn’t behind him before, the city is coming behind him now. Unfortunately, I think you have to leave DC to get people’s respect here, but if Wale breaks like I think he will, he will raise the bar for ALL musicians in DC.

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