Video: Thievery Corporation feat Chuck Brown – Numbers Game

by Winston "Stone" Ford

“Numbers Game,” the track from the Godfather of Go-Go Chuck Brown and DC lounge crew Thievery Coropration was definately one of the more slept on tracks of 2008. The combinaiton of two DC powerhouses works so damn well, even though you would not think so at first glance.

The video is killer, with Thievery’s Eric Hilton and Rob Garza rollin’ through Southeast DC in a while Caddy with Brown chillin’ in the back. The combinaiton is so pimp. And for those of y’all who think that DC is just mouments and museums, the vid shows you a completely different (and unfortunately fogotten) side of the city.

The track is off Thievery’s Radio Retailiation, which is in stores now. Do NOT sleep on this video.

  • Superbizzee

    Although I feel the track sounds a little dated, I’ll always have love for Chuck Brown. And I gotta give daps to Thievery Corporation for even making the collaboration happen. Most often, the individual music scenes in DC exist as devoid of each other. The video is dope. Puttin’ my section of the hood on display!

  • Party Hard

    This video is insane, however I agree with Superbizzee. This track sounds dated. I think Thievery should drop a couple of the percussion tracks, make the bass line simpler – possibly just a single note – and use some auto-tune on Brown’s voice. That shit would be hot!!!!1!!one!

  • Superbizzee

    HAHA!!! Yeah, and get Lil Wayne to drop some Guitar Hero licks over it!