Photos: Abandoned Sets from the Wire

So we all know that The Wire was the greatest television show ever made. If you disagree, please watch or re-watch it on DVD. Unfortunately, the show has all but folded, with its actors off to (hopefully) bigger and better things. What was left behind of the show was pretty amazing, and the eerie, abandoned sets give a different perspective on the show. Livejournal user The Hood Watch actually got into the sound stage where most of the interior scenes from the show were filmed. What was left behind is downright amazing. Unfortunately, the sound stage (which is in Columbia, MD I believe) is becoming a supermarket, so most of these sets will be lost forever. Time marches on. Check the pictures below: (much thanks to Christie)

More pictures at The Hood Watch’s LiveJournal

Bunk/McNulty’s Desk at Homicide

Homeless Murders from Season 5

Remember this Room?