by Winston "Stone" Ford

We will get back to regularly scheduled programming next week. I just need to say one more thing about this historic election.

Growing up, everyone told me that I could be anything I wanted to be. I could be a doctor, lawyer, scientist or scholar. However, nobody told me that I could be President.

It’s been a running joke that I’ve had for a while, but even after 28 years I never thought that me being President was even possible. Even though I am a senior level specialist at work, traveled the world, got a decent education, and have a mortgage, I thought the doors to the Presidency were shut.

Until Tuesday.

Barack Obama has taught us all that anything is possible.

  • Akeela

    Well said. He is inspiring many people to dream bigger and push their own boundaries.

  • Sonya

    No one ever said you coukd be President…that’s wack! Guess everyone has different limitations in their beliefs. As I told everyone on Tuesday, believe in yourself as much as you believe in Barack Obama and see what you’ll achieve.

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