New Music: Oh Snap – Funk Dat 2009

Oh SnapFunk Dat 2009

If you grew up during the Club MTV era (early 90s) then you definitely would’ve heard the song Funk Dat from Sagat back in ’94. Even though the dude never released a full LP (as far as I know) (Apparently djbrainchild’s got the album, I just have the single on cassette) , the video got constant rotation on that channel, and we even featured in Beavis and Butthead back in the day. The whereabouts of Sagat are a mystery, and our What Ever Happened To… segment on him is still one of the most popular articles on this site, but according to sources, he produces and records in Baltimore under the name Chico Jump Slamm.

The ’04 song is a classic, but the Maryland club dude OH Snap! (creator of “I’m Too Fat to be a Hipster”) took on the challenge of updating it for 2009. Unfortunately, it’s not the REAL Sagat, which would be dope, because his wisdom is much needed right now. (via Marcus at True Genius Requires Insanity)

Original Song: