New Music: Iman Williams

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Iman’s WilliamsThe Long Journey Back EP

I apologize for the very late “late pass” for this one!

Iman Williams is a soul singer who originally hails from Alabama (St. Jude what up!), but now residing in the ATL. Williams’ music is a combination of smoky old school soul and funky R&B beats. For those who are grown and sexy (or at the cusp of the grown and sexy like yours truly), Iman offers a refuge from the mountain full of artists that try to call themselves R&B these days.

Iman’s EP, titled The Long Journey Back is available for FREE download, and look out for Planetarium, her full album, which drops in Spring ’09.

  • Belve

    Shame on you. lol

    real talk I almost passed on this but the word Alabama caught my eye (Fairfield .. REPRESENT!) and you said grown and sexy R&B.
    Good call.. I hope she can really take it to the industry and get her a nice chuck.. sounds like a great talent.

    If you don’t keep pushing to get up, that dirt will push you down.

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