New Music: Hollyweerd – Electricity Showroom Mixtape

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Hollyweerd - Electricity Showroom Mixtape

Last time we checked in with Hollyweerd, they were dropping their single “Have You Ever Made Love to a Weerdo,” which should have been a mega-hit in my opinion. (But I’m biased, cause I’m a weerdo). The ATL foursome is still currently unsigned, but they’ve just dropped yet another mixtape on us, this time called Electricity Showroom. The sound is is a combination of ATL beats and that nu-wave Outkast sound (think Stakonia), but throws in equal doses of crunk and weerdness for good measure. (Seriously, everybody in the ATL keeps talking about spaceships. What are y’all smoking down there??)

  • Superbizzee

    Tell these kats to hire a PR person. New artists shouldn’t balk in the face of free publicity.

  • dmvstatuz

    such a talented group — i hope they get signed because their songs are literally out of this world