Truth or Bad Internets Rumor: Lupe Fiasco as Japanese Cartoon?

So I haven’t even gotten over my New Year’s Hangover, and I already came across the first Internets rumor of 2009. Apparently some people are beliving that Lupe Fiasco is mascorading as a singer with a bad British accent in a post punk band called Japanese Cartoon. I orginainally dismissed this as bunk, but apparently its gathering major steam in the blogosphere.

The tracks that are posted to the MySpace page are…..alright. Nothing spectacular. Still, if any rapper can pull this off it would be Lupe. It seems like the dude has been dying to break out of the hip-hop shell for a while now and this might be the way to do it. And the dude has branced out as well by signing Chicago electro band Hey Champ to his 1st and 15th Label. Still, I won’t belive this until I get real confirmation.

So, is this Lupe or some aspiring UK shoegazer trying to get attention. As your friends at Fox News would say…..We Report, You Decide? (via DJ Rooftop)