Inauguration Concert Update: Jay-Z, Moby, Youth Ball

We all know that Inauguration is going to be crazy insane and off the chain, but two new additions just made that weekend even crazier.

Jay-Z at Warner Theater

First off, Hova himself is playing 1500 seat Warner Theater on Monday, January 19th, fronting a live band, and promising surprise guests. Tickets are going to be at the insane level–$375.00 and $500.00–for lower and upper levels respectively. Of course, this show will be insane, but is it worth two car payments?

Tickets go on sale Friday and can be purchased at the Ticketmaster.

Moby at 9:30 Club

Second, Moby announced a show at 9:30 Club with my homies from Blisspop that we all know is going to be crazy insane. Doors open at midnight and will most likely go on until 4AM. Moby has been out of the game lately, but you know this party is going to be live.

Tickets go on sale this Thursday at 10AM.

Obama’s Youth Ball and Neighborhood Ball

Also, yesterday, announced two new Inaugural Balls for the people, solidifying his already solid pimp status. The first is the Youth Ball, which will be held at the DC Convention Center, aimed specifically for people between the ages of 18-35, with tickets being reduced to a quasi-affordable $75. The other Ball “for the people,” is the Neighborhood Inaugural Ball, which will offer tickets at free or reduced cost, and set aside a portion of tickets for District of Columbia residents. Details about tickets for both Balls will be announced soon.