The 5 Most Annoying Songs of 2008

Like I’ve said before, I don’t mind mainstream music. Sure, I rarely blog about it here, but that’s only because I would rather use my platform to feature artists who don’t have million dollar production budgets and payola on their side. Even if radio had some standout cuts (Ryan Leslie’s Addiction, Ne-Yo’s Miss Independent, and T.I. and Rhianna’s Live Your Life to name a few), your local top 40 station was also probably filled with some grade A certified poo as well. These are the top 5 songs that made me change the station with the quickness.

5.) Katy Perry – I Kissed A Girl

I’m not in the target market for this song (err, a 15 year old white girl from Iowa), but I find Katy Perry’s song annoying nonetheless. The first time I heard formulaic wannabe rebellious, formulaic, piece of junk I knew it was going to be a number one hit. And seriously, who is Katy Perry? I thought this was Ashlee Simpson for a minute there. Apparently, this song is about “female empowerment,” or something like that. Sorry, but I would rather put on a real female like Alanis Morrissette on continuous loop.

4.) Lil Wayne – Lollipop

Most of y’all know that I can’t stand Lil Wayne (although A Milli rests at near the top of my Best songs of the Year List–go figure), so of course this dude makes the list not once, but twice this year. Even though Kanye somehow got by with singing via Autotune, Wanye’s attempt at crooning falls far short. The dude really need to stick to rapping because he can’t sing nor play guitar, but hey, the 16 year old girls love this song, so what do I know?

3.) Ron Brownz feat Jim Jones – Pop Champagne

First off, who the f#$k is Ron Brownz? No seriously, I don’t know who the hell this dude is. He dosen’t even have an entry on Wikipedia. Anyway, this song is yet another example of how AutoTune needs to  be taken around the back of the barn and shot. Ron Brownz (again, who?) sounds like the robot band at Chucky Cheese had a malfunction. And seriously, people in the club go wild for this track but can you really dance to it?

2.) Beyonce – Single Ladies

Beyonce is Sasha Fierce, as in fiercely annoying in this track. Not only is the patty-cake like beat gut-wrenching but the subject matter is as well. Bey screeches the line, “If you like it then you should’ve put a ring on it,” throughout the chorus. Seriously? You’re gonna dump a dude cause he didn’t buy you a diamond ring and your gonna go and make him jealous at the club? Child please. The young girls of America are gonna be tainted by this song. (And don’t get me started on that song “If I Were A Boy,” which plays off of stupid ass gender stereotypes. But I digress)

1.) Lil Wayne – Officer

I really love the vibe to this song, but Lil Wayne destroys it for me. The dude’s nonsensical ramblings over such a dope beat makes this track one of the biggest wastes of a song that I’ve seen in a while.