Best of 2008: Top 3 Underrated Artists of 2008

Even with the tons of music that drops on the Internets, plenty of music gets lost in the cracks. I do my bst to catch them (Lewis Black style), and pimp them to the masses, but some artist still fail to catch on. Hopefully these artists can make inroads in ’09.

3.) K-Salaam and Beatnik– Maybe K-Salaam and partner Beatnik are big in the Tri-State area, but unfortunately outside of NYC no one’s heard of the Minneapolis bred producer and his Jamaican influenced beats. K-Salaam dropped a great album with the likes of Talib Kweli, Dead Prez, Sizzla and more which unfortunately is still classified as sleeper status, and his Common remix project never took on like I expected.

Sail On

Tawiah – I thought everything that Mark Ronson touched turned to gold? This London artist, who appeared with Ronson on his last album and on tour with the man is still a hidden gem. Maybe she needs to migrate the the US Estelle style to get noticed?

Every Step

Shawn Jackson – Feelin’ Jack – Even after dropping of the best new songs of this year (and possibly one of the best videos), LA MC Shaun Jackson is notoriously absent from most people’s 2009 MC’s to watch list–I’m looking at you XXL!

Feelin’ Jack